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August 21, 2007



We are staying at the Marriott Ocean Point from November 30, 2007-December 7, 2007 through Interval International. We are supposed to get a one-bedroom unit.
We were told that this will not be assigned until we arrive.
Do the one-bedroom units have ocean views?
When we get there, what building do you recommed we request (if we can request)?
Is the weather nice in December?


Hi Peggy,

Most rooms have a view of the ocean. It might not be a direct view and I think only the 3 bedrooms are ocean front. Most of the other rooms have a side facing view. The 1st and 2nd floor rooms view can be obstructed by palm trees.

Requesting rooms at Ocean Pointe is difficult since timeshare owners at the resort have first dibbs. Marriott claims this resort is one of the highest owner occupied resorts that they have, meaning owners rarely trade their units. If you want to be away from the rest of the resort ask for the Kingfish and if you want to be close to all the activities try for the Dolphin or Cobia.

Here's a link to the weather history in West Palm Beach:

Any other questions let me know. Don't forget to utilize to help you quickly find vacation bargains on eBay.



Thanks for the information Matt.

Since we are not traveling with children, perhaps we will request the Kingfish building even though you say it is far away from activities. I wonder though, you mention that there is an ugly dredging machine in front of that building . . .
Did you actually enjoy your stay at this Marriott? We actually own at the Avalon Grand in Cancun and this is an exchange with Interval International. When I called the Marriott to find out about the room assignment, they said they do not give priority to owners. I guess I do not really believe that! Would it help to put in a request right before we go in December?


No first aid kit at the front desk? They probably had one but the folks at the desk didn't have a clue......

With the maintenance issues I would wonder how the resort's ranking is faring?


Yes! it is correct but you have to show the correct prices of each item and place Timeshare rentals,timeshare sales,timeshare buying etc. in a format. Thank you.

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