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October 18, 2008


Fashion Bug Coupons Chick

Wow. That is crazy how good that is.


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Lara Croft costume fan

This Halo costume is wicked cool! I just saw the latest commercial for Halo Reach coming out this fall and I can't wait to play the game!

avatar outfit

Wow, now that is an amazing costume, looks too hot to wear in Florida. Is it heavy?
I am looking into getting the avatar outfit you can see it at


now this is a reaaally cool outfit even NOT for halloween ! I'm so pissed halloween just passed and I didn't see this outfit before ! :(

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Lead Generation

this actually looks pretty cool, maybe a good costume for halloween

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Wow! The costume looks amazing! I'd really love to have one

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We notice neither the blur that attends the eye movement nor the time it takes to get the eyes from one place to the other.

Philippines Live Chat

the geeks must have loved that costume ! :)

teen costumes

The costume which is different and unique in look attracts the people more in Halloween. So this Halo 3 costume is also of a unique category. Thanks for sharing it.

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Awesome cop costume.I Loved It.

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He is the ultimate in hard core, jumping out a plane with out a parachute, taking on an entire army by himself, and the fact that he can handle basically any weapon like a pro.

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loveseat sleeper

The Ultimate Halo 3 Master Chief Supreme Edition Costume
I wish to say that this article is awesome! I would like to see more posts like this, Well done!

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