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June 07, 2008


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Merci de partager cette David.
Je me suis intéressé à la façon dont les médias sociaux a été inclus dans l'enseignement supérieur. Ainsi, les exemples que vous fournissez sont très encourageants. Enseigner les médias sociaux serait un plaisir!

Don Marten/ 963 Juno Avenue, St.Paul, MN 55102

I have a 1991 Geo Metro, that paid $100 for several years ago. Parked my gas hog Explorer,to run my Laughed at car everywhere now that gas finally HIT $3.60 Gallon/gas. Unretired my Geo, from garage, with 93,600 original mileage, never been rebuilt. My personal mpg calculations PROVE my can still gets 45 plus mpg even today, 2-27-2011. Still a Great Little car!If GM/ Suzuki made them then, time for its comeback!Is NOW, without Gouging New Car Prices, to get one. Was actually pulled over recently, red lights blarring,knowing I hadnt did anything wrong, but I was checked out anyway, only in the end, most of our simple conversation was the Great Little Car, and Where can now find such a car?In the end, I was on my way, a few minutes later, and so was he.Great Little Car!True Story shared/Don Marten, St.Paul, MN.P.s. My little car, not for sale!

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Up to this day the economy of fuel is a problem. Dealing with it requires knowledge of cars and the economy itself.

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